Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bead Soup Ingredients-for my partner, Christina at

Good Afternoon to all!  I bit cold here in Northeast Ohio for a late March day!  Even had snow yesterday that caused A LOT of problems (I think the local weatherman was a bit surprised)...I wonder how it is that folks forget how do drive safely when it snows. You would have thought it was the beginning of winter!  Oh well.  All that I know is that it is supposed to be rather chilly all week.  I am so ready for a little warmth.  Please???  Just a little???

I digress...sorry.
Anywho, my bead soup partner, Christina Hickman,, finally received her soup ingredients, so now I can post what I sent her.  She received-

 Kazuri ceramic focal, copper toggle clasp, small sunstone rondelles (or beads…could be either!), faceted sunstone nuggets, coppery/orange coin pearls, Czech brown oval matte glass beads, some various strands of seed beads (I know that she can do something with them!) and some brown, shiny dagger beads. There are also copper filigree pieces, copper butterfly, two lengths of copper chain and copper square do-hickies. 

Just for fun I sent her some orphan beads that I made and some random silver findings.  Also, I sent these art deco do-dads.  I think they are supposed to be shoe decor...I am not certain of that.  But, I know that they are older...they are marked 2 cents for each card!

I can't wait to see what Christina makes!  This is so much fun.
Thank you, again, to Lori Anderson for making this possible.
She has her own burdens to bear, but is able to take on such a tremendous task.  Kudos, to Lori and her helpers.

Take care-


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