Monday, April 8, 2013

Just had to share...

There hasn't been to many signs of Spring lately.  You have to look closely to see a glimmer of what this time of year should be!
I have noticed a bunny in the backyard.  Every time I would let my Digger dog out, she would see the bunny too.  I guess I'm kind of happy that she is a bit older...the bunnies have a better chance.  Digger has arthritis in her ankles.  So, today I was watching Mr. Bunny and watched where he went.  I have a partial retaining wall with some small blue spruce trees planted behind the wall.  I see Mr. Bunny jump up on the retaining wall and crawl under one of the blue spruces.  Curiosity  got the best of me...I had to go out and know, just to see.  Of course, Digger dog has to go out with me.  So I walk to where Mr. Bunny has practically blended in with the leaves and dirt and his total surroundings.  I must have gotten to close for comfort because Mr. Bunny sprints off...Digger dog perks up and makes an attempt to catch poor little bunny.  She doesn't succeed.  But, I walk over to where Mr. Bunny was hiding and found that Mr. Bunny is Ms. Bunny.  Her little brood was tucked in a neatly dug nest with bunny fur sticking out.  I couldn't resist getting a little closer...Here is what I ended up with.

Happy Spring to Everyone!
hugs to all,

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