Monday, April 8, 2013

OOO, AHHHH! All that Glitters...

There is  an event coming soon to Columbus, Ohio called 'Artiscape'.  It is sponsored by a company called "European Papers". It is described on "European Papers" website as a fun creative weekend of mixed media, collage, bookbinding, altered arts, calligraphy, encaustics, jewelry, metal and more... I  am going to go for the first exciting is that!  I am taking four classes for sure...I might work a fifth one in!  They are having a dinner on Friday night with a theme of 'White Star Ocean Voyage'.  There is a collaborative art project called My Heart Will Go On.  You are to make a piece of Titanic inspired art.  Anything goes here- mixed media, jewelry, wearable art, a Steampunk creation, long as it relates to the theme.  Pieces are being collected starting Friday and will displayed in masse to make one large art showing.  A silent auction benefits "The Red Dress" women's heart health initiative.  (Thank you European Papers for the wording!) 


 Here is the necklace that I made for the auction...I don't usually use crystals in my jewelry now a days.  I have had these crystals for a while now...I bought them some years ago.  (more affordable then!)

Have a great night, I will talk to you soon,
Take care,

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