Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a few older pieces-

Good day to everyone.  I thought I would work on how to post some pics.  These pieces are older pieces that I have made.  My muse had taken a vacation for a while and left me alone.  When inspiration did finally take hold, I went and tripped over my own foot and broke my femur.  Things are starting to heal real nice, so new creations will be on their way.  Have a great day...
Until then,
 The warmth of sunstone with oxidized copper chain and findings...fun to jingle-jangle.
 Interchangeable pendant with my lampwork beads.  Fun to wear and great with jeans.
 Leather wrapped bracelet with jasper (I think).  It has a sterling button as a clasp.
I love tourmaline.  I love any kind of tourmaline.  Expensive or inexpensive, did I tell you that
I love it all?  This makes a statement-straight down the front, warm copper chain with those
wonderful, multiple colors of tourmaline. 


  1. So glad you got to take a nice field trip to B'Sue's. If I only lived closer...I love your site. You are quite talented!

  2. Thank you for stopping by. B'Sues was so much fun, especially when you go with a good friend!