Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Rock Candy...but Eye Candy!

Good Afternoon to all.  So, today I got out for the first time in over a week.  No, not the flu, but some blood work and I had to get my car washed.  Black and road salt 'white' just doesn't mix! 
Below is a mix of some of the lampwork beads that I have made.  I had these grand plans of making all of this fabulous jewelry with all these fabulous beads...HA!  I am such a perfectionist.  Or anal.  Or have a lack of superbness.  (Is that even a word?)  Well, I seem to find something wrong with most of them-you know, they may be a bit wonky or the color just wasn't what I expected.  Maybe if I tried to encase a bead in clear, (as I am looking at the picture), there are a million tiny bubbles encasing it instead.  The second picture actually are beads, too.  They somehow broke in two pieces, so, I put them in the kiln and made them into cabs!  They turned out to be unexpected surprises!  I kind of like them, at least.   The long bi-conish tube looking beads are fun to make, but alas, once again, I lack the wisdom to create something more than a necklace...with a bead.  That's it.  Just a bead...sigh.
Have a great evening.  I will see y'all tomorrow!
Until then,

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