Friday, January 18, 2013

Button, Button...who has a button?

Have you ever looked at something and thought "I can do something with those".  You know, sometimes that can get you into trouble.  Not this time.  My Uncle Herm has a yard sale every year, come rain or shine.  He retired many years ago, and has for many years now helped a local auctioneer with set-ups.  So his yard sales can contain many eclectic objects.  A good part of the button collection that is pictured here came from his yard sale.  The remainder came from a clean out that he had to do from his mothers' home.  When I first saw them, they were like little jewels sparkling in the sunshine!  Of course, I had to have them!  There are probably 1 1/2 times more that I did not photograph.  Many of them are made of shell, some glass, some bone, and I am pretty sure there are some Bakelite.  I tried to separate them by what they were made of, but that was very time consuming.  So, I went by color.  Hopefully in the near future, there will be some semi-fabulous creation made from buttons!
Have a great afternoon-I will try to be here tomorrow~
Until then-


I have some Buttons!


An old wax sealer with more Buttons
And for those that think I lost my marbles,
they are right here in my jar!


  1. Hi! My name is Beanzie Cat and I live at Facebook ; ) Nice to meet you guys! I'm a friend of B'sues and I heard about your fun visit! Love your blog and photos of all the great items you found at B'sues shop. I got a chance to visit there and I agree they are the nicest people you want to meet! Come visit me at my shops at Etsy and RubyLane~ ...

    :) Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa!

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello. B'Sues was so enjoyable! I will definately visit you at your Etsy and Ruby Lane shops. I love your "Beanzie Cat" name!

    Have a marvelous evening!