Monday, January 28, 2013

Hoosier Baker's Cabinet, finally!!!


 Never say never...

I am going take a moment to delve into my personal life...not that it is exciting or anything, but, I have to share my latest acquisition. 

I'm sure that we all have wanted something that wasn't an item that we had to have, but, you still thought it would be absolutely wonderful if you had it?  And you search and search and it has to be affordable, because after all, you don't really need it!  After many years (6 or 7 at least, I lost count), I found it!  It is a Hoosier Bakers Cabinet.  It didn't have to be a Hoosier brand, but a Baker's Cabinet of any sort would have been fine.  It is so prefect in my eyes!  It is all original in its finish, has the flour bin in tact and the sifter, has the 'Daily Reminder' on the inside of the top door, and I am not sure if the one metal object is a match safe (it seems too large to be that) or possibly a container for baking soda or powder.  The original cutting board pulls out and if it could talk, what tales it would tell.  There wear on it is so deep, that is is a wonder that there is not a hole through it!  And it's on both sides!  There are two doors that are supposed to go where the open space is at the top. 

I have the doors-one is absolutely perfect...but the glass in the other is broken.  It is a beautiful pattern that is Gothic arches in a clear motif with a frosted background.  The glass itself is a 'glue chip' pattern-it looks like a window that Jack Frost had know what I am talking about, the frilly, fern looking swirls of beauty.  I will be on the lookout for something similar and replace both pieces so they match.  But, definitely save the old pieces!  The best part is, at least in my opinion, not my husbands, is that it matches our table---the mechanism that opens and closes the top to add the leaves is dated 1906.  The Hoosier is dated 1906.
I think it was meant to be...see you soon~
Until then,



  1. Hi Lori!
    It took me many years, but I finally found an affordable one.
    I love them, too! Thanks for the Bead Soup Blog Party!